2024 AACP / NMA Conference

June 05, 2024
June 07, 2024

Kansas City, MO

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Overcoming The Challenges: Self-Care Education in Today’s World

The 20th AACP NMA Conference: Overcoming The Challenges: Self-care Education in Today’s World, is a chance for faculty at all stages of their careers to network with pharmacy colleagues teaching self-care and nonprescription medications, to share ideas about teaching and scholarship, and to stay current with trends and innovations in practice and teaching. With the ever growing trends in health care, especially those in the self-care space, faculty need to be equipped with skills to address our new generations of learners and consumers. With a focus on scholarship growth, attendees will share practice and education initiatives and explore scholarly research ideas for future collaboration.

Conference Objectives

  • Identify challenges and opportunities in self-care and nonprescription medications related to pharmacy education, clinical practice and research
  • Implement unique approaches to new generations of learners and consumers
  • Describe current trends in self-care therapeutics, including growth of digital health
  • Gain examples of strategies to successfully balance teaching, service and research/scholarship expectations
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