Virtual Recruitment & Digital Engagement Strategies on the Tallo Platform

October 13, 2020
3:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m. ET

Tallo is an online platform with one goal: connect talent with opportunities. Students use our app to build digital profiles and figure out the next step that’s right for them. Colleges and universities use Tallo to find the talent they need. Tallo users (all 1,000,000+ of them) looking for opportunities showcase their unique talents, skills, and abilities. We can help you micro-target the students who are the right fit for your incoming class. For more information, visit or contact Andrew Chubb, Tallo Partnerships Specialist at


  • Learn how other Pharmacy Programs and AACP Institutional Members are engaging students on the Platform to build an early pipeline of potential candidates and create Brand Awareness.
  • Colleges and universities can easily join Tallo and use the platform to recruit their future incoming class.
  • The Tallo team, experts on Generation Z, can micro-target and engage students for you -- Learn about our Tallo Assist Campaigns where Tallo Engagement Specialists do the heavy lifting for you.


Rosie Walker
Director of Recruitment & Diversity


Andrew Chubb
Partnership Specialist | Higher Education
Tallo, Inc.
phone: 302.545.9680