Survey of Vacant Budgeted and Lost Faculty Positions FAQs


This page will serve as a resource for those institutions that are completing the annual AACP Survey of Vacant Budgeted and Lost Faculty Positions. Should you have any questions that are not addressed the FAQs below please e-mail the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness. Frequently asked questions will be posted on this page to assist college or school staff members who are completing the survey.

Our school has some staff positions that are currently vacant. Should we report these positions within the survey?

Please only report positions with an academic or administrative rank. Do not report staff positions.

Our school is aware of a faculty member that will be retiring at the end of the academic year. Should we report the vacancy in this year's survey?

No, please only report positions that are currently vacant and unfilled as of November 1, 2020.  If the retiring faculty member's position remains unfilled as of November 1 of next year (2021) the position can then be reported in the 2021 survey.

If I indicate that a position is new in Question No. 9, how should I report the reason for vacancy in Question No. 10?

Please select "new position" as the reason for vacancy in Question No. 10.  This should be the only reason that is selected in Question No. 10 for a new position.

When should I respond to Question No. 13 regarding recruitment factor challenges?

Please only respond to Question No. 13 if a) an active search has been underway to fill the vacant position and b) the search has exceeded your projected timeline; otherwise, please select  "search has not yet exceeded the projected timeline".