Academic Leadership Fellows Program FAQs

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What is the duration of ALFP and the time-commitment?

ALFP is a one-year program.  There are four in-person sessions throughout the year.  Two sessions are "stand-alone" and two sessions are held in conjunction with the INterim and Annual meetings.  Plan on approximately 5 days for each of the sessions.  The days and some evenings are packed so do not plan on doing any work during the sessions.  You will need some time to prepare for the sessions (readings, reflections) and there will be 4-6 1-hour virtual check-ins and programs scheduled throughout the year to supplement the in-person sessions.  Additionally, a plan for mentoring with your Dean at your institution is another program component and should be planned accordingly.  

How many ALFP sessions are fellows required to attend?

Fellows are required to attend all four ALFP sessions. Sessions I and II occur in September and October, respectively, and are held in the Washington, DC area. Sessions III and IV occur during the AACP INterim and Annual meetings, respectively.

Do I have to be an AACP member to participate in ALFP?

Yes. Individuals selected to participate in ALFP must hold active membership in AACP.

Is there a cost associated with participation in ALFP?

Yes. The tuition for ALFP is $10,600. This amount includes the program curriculum, speakers, leadership books and materials, a one-year subscription to the Harvard Business Review, team-building exercises, the Gallup Clifton Strengths exercises, programming at the George Washington Presidential Library and Mt. Vernon, programming at Planet Word museum, registration at AACP INterim and Annual meetings, and some meals.

The fellow and/or their college or school are responsible for the fellow's travel, lodging, some meals, and any other personal expenses associated with participation in ALFP. 

How many individuals have participated in ALFP?

You will be a part of a special cohort, it will be Cohort 20.  We are celebrating 20 years of the program!  To date, over 550 pharmacy educators have participated in ALFP...and counting!  After ALFP graduation, you will be joining an amazing network of pharmacy leaders as an alumni member.

Nomination Process

When does the nomination process for ALFP open and close?

The nomination process typically opens in February and closes in late March or early April.  See the specific call for the exact dates each year.

Who can nominate an individual for ALFP?

The dean of the college or school of pharmacy (e.g., CEO dean) must make the nomination.

How many individuals can a member institution nominate per ALFP cohort?

The dean of the college or school of pharmacy may nominate one individual for ALFP.

What items should I discuss with my dean before completing the ALFP application?

If you are interested in applying for ALFP, it is recommended that you discuss the following items with your dean, who will serve as your Dean Mentor at your institution:

  • Mentorship plan between you and your Dean Mentor (and Co-Mentor, if applicable) including a general outline of objectives, topics and schedule of meetings throughout your fellowship year. This is critical so you can apply what you learn through ALFP to your local leadership context.
  • Release time from faculty and/or administrative responsibilities so that you are able to fully engage in and successfully complete ALFP
  • Financial support for your participation
How many nominees are selected for each ALFP cohort?

A maximum of 30-35 fellows are selected to participate in ALFP each year.

Who evaluates and selects the nominees for each ALFP cohort?

The Leadership Dean Facilitators for the cohort along with AACP staff review, rank, and make a final selection.

When are nominees notified of their decision?

Decisions are typically communicated to nominees via email in mid-May.