ALFP Curriculum for Dean Mentor and Fellow

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The following represents a suggested plan of study for the participating Dean Mentor and Fellow during the AACP Academic Leadership Fellows program.

Goal of Local ALFP Curriculum

Examine and draw own conclusions based on experienced guidance regarding topics in leadership and management in health professions and higher education.  Providing as many opportunities for application of topics covered in the formal ALFP curriculum within the local context is important.

Suggested Objectives of Local ALFP Curriculum

  1. Analyze and apply knowledge, skills, and attitudes from the formal ALFP program in local context.
  2. Create new relationships with Dean and others in pharmacy program.
  3. Create new relationships within the campus and university while simultaneously creating leadership skills and network for future involvement.
  4. Evaluate the possibilities for leading change in higher education and health professions education.

Cultivating the experience

  1. Develop a schedule of formal and informal meetings at the onset with the Dean and other leadership in the school of pharmacy.
  2. Set expectations of what school leadership meetings it is reasonable for Fellow to attend, and determine dates and times in advance.
  3. Create a schedule of meetings with the individuals listed that the Dean and Fellow determine appropriate. Fellow should determine the reason for the meeting, and the expected outcome. Fellow should prepare agendas, schedules and follow up. Discuss how these meetings enhance leadership development. These individuals might include: President, Provost, Development officers, Governance and Advocacy office (for scheduling meetings with state and local politicians), State and local politicians. and Local community organizations (Area Agency on Aging, NAMI, Organization of Cities and Counties, and others).
  4. List national meetings in higher education or health professions education which would be beneficial to attend.
  5. Determine if there will be a Fellows swap in the year or as a second year activity. (Fellow from one school arranges to spend time at another school. Fellow from another school spends time at your school).
  6. Choose 1-2 leadership books for discussion over the course of the year.
  7. Decide on 1-2 topic discussions to complete over the course of the year.
  8. Utilize the articles in the Harvard Business Review for discussion with Dean, or in other leadership opportunities within the school or college.