Award for Excellence in Assessment Evaluation Criteria

AACP Resource

In addition to the overall impact of the submission, the adherence to page limits and the inclusion of the required sections, submissions will be evaluated on the following criteria. 

Criterion 1: Articulation and Evidence of Outcomes 

  • Outcomes were clearly articulated
  • Outcomes clearly linked to Pharm.D. educational program outcomes 
  • Informed planning with internal and external stakeholders 
  • Performance goals established 

Criterion 2: Success with Regard to Expected Outcomes 

  • Evidence of the extent to which expected outcomes were met 
  • Clear description of methodology and data collection for assessment tools or process 
  • Clear presentation of outcome data 
  • Clear description of the assessment process and tools, including evidence of valid and reliable measures

Criterion 3: Using Outcomes for Pharm.D. Program Improvement

  • Evidence the activity/activities positively impact the Pharm.D. Program 
  • Significance of impact on the Pharm.D. program 
  • Sustainability or lasting effect on the Pharm.D. program 
  • Benchmarking of outcomes within and outside the college/school

Criterion 4: Disclosure of Results 

  • Evidence of how programmatic assessment data are readily available to appropriate stakeholders (internal and external)
  • Assessment data are shared with appropriate stakeholders 

Criterion 5:   Dissemination of Assessment Knowledge 

  • Clear plan for sharing assessment process, tools, or outcomes for consideration by other Pharm.D. programs
  • Process or tools are transferable or scaleable with sufficient explanation for adoption by other programs

Criterion 6:  Best Practice

  • Describe how this demonstrates best practices in assessment