Award for Excellence in Assessment Evaluation Criteria

AACP Resource

Submissions will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Identification of problem/project

  • Articulates a question focused on a substantive and consequential issue, including input from relevant internal/external stakeholders
  • Clearly describes the project aims, identifying the problem to be addressed and relevance to the PharmD program
  • Clearly articulates the project’s assessment-related question
  • Thoroughly presents an overview of design and measures of the project

Data collection and plan for use 

  • Uses multiple, relevant data sources and measures
  • Collection of data is easily accessible or embedded in existing college/school processes
  • Provides a clear description of methodology that is appropriate to the problem being addressed
  • Timing of data collection is appropriate for review and decision making

Interpretation and dissemination of data

  • Describes the data analysis
  • Draws appropriate conclusions
  • Provides relevant comparisons or benchmarks of outcomes, within and/or outside the college/school
  • Provides credible evidence to answer the problem being addressed
  • Involves internal/external stakeholders
  • Describes how assessment results are clearly communicated and disseminated within/outside of the college/school

Data-driven action/decision making

  • Describes how the data has led to meaningful, useful actionable decisions for program improvement
  • Thoughtful engagement of internal/external stakeholders throughout the decision-making process
  • Provided a timeline for implementation of assessment activity.
  • Changes are sustainable over time

Evaluation, reflection, and next steps

  • Evaluates impact of problem being addressed to the overall PharmD program
  • Reflects on lessons learned with potential insights for implementation in other PharmD programs
  • Describes next steps and plans for iterative cycle
  • Describes process for accountability and implementation of actionable items

Organization and overall impression of submission

  • Clear writing style, well written and free of grammatical errors
  • Well organized, and met the general instructions/guidelines
  • Overall impression