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Echo-Targeting Advertisements

AACP is pleased to provide an online student recruiting program directed exclusively at the future students who visit the AACP and/or the PharmCAS websites. Using this program AACP member schools have run millions of online banner ads to our proprietary audience of future students which generates hundreds of thousands of responses. Each and every banner ad reaches a prospective student and every response takes the pharmacy prospect to the pharmacy degree program website of the institution featured in the banner advertisement.

If your institution faces the recruiting challenges common to many of your peers, please consider joining AACP's echo-targeting program. At our suggested monthly investment of only $250, a Pharmacy Degree Program is able to run about 40,000 banner ads to our pool of prospects which will likely generate about 35 - 40 visits to your degree program’s homepage from a future student. It has proved to be a very cost efficient recruiting program as it reaches prospective students in the environment in which they're most

Please find below a primer on why the echo-targeting program should be a part of each school's recruiting efforts and how to get more information:

What is echo-targeting?

Echo-targeting is an affordable banner advertising tool that allows participating universities to market their Pharmacy program to prospective students.

Why is it important?

Echo-targeting is an extremely targeted and turn-key method of reaching prospects.

Participants can:

  • Target banner ads to only reach prospective student pharmacists.
  • Affordably reach prospective students in their preferred medium—online.
  • Reach prospects on their favorite websites, such as Facebook, Yahoo, magazine sites, social media, etc.

How does it work?

Prospects that browse the Future Pharmacy Student pages on the AACP and PharmCAS websites will be targeted to receive banner ads from participating AACP member institutions while surfing the Internet.

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Echo-targeting will create year-round awareness of your institution to a targeted audience of prospects. AACP has adopted this platform as an affordable tool for universities to promote their pharmacy programs. We believe that this program will become a key component of your future recruiting efforts.

Who do I contact?

AACP has aligned with Echo-Interactive to make this innovative marketing tool available to your institution. Contact Owen Landon with Echo-Interactive at 617/877-6327 or for the specifics of echo-targeting, as well as address any questions you may have.