Microlearning Miniseries

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Bite-sized educational content for your busy day

AACP’s new Microlearning Miniseries provides learners with educational content in brief (ranging from 1 to 10 minutes), accessible and engaging modalities that will improve your scholarship, leadership, and teaching.

In weekly videos shared via email to AACP members and catalogued here, you’ll hear directly from experts within the Academy address the following topics:

  • Leadership Series - Inclusive Leadership
  • Good Pedagogy Series - Improving Lectures
  • SOTL Series - Improving Educational Survey Results

Watch and learn as they are released or on-demand at your convenience.


5 Tips to Make Learning Stick

Explore the “forgetting curve” and how to make learning stick with these five tips. How will you apply them to your next lecture?


Inclusive Leadership with Dr. Miriam Purnell (Part 1)

What are the biggest challenges to incorporating inclusivity and what strategies can overcome them? Dr. Miriam Purnell, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, shares advice on inclusive leadership in the next of AACP's Microlearning Miniseries.


Tips for Developing an Educational Survey Instrument

What are the best practices for developing your educational research survey instrument? Explore seven steps to improve your educational research in this three-minute installment. 


Inclusive Leadership with Dr. Miriam Purnell (Part 2)

You learned the concepts behind inclusive leadership in Part 1, but what do they look like in practice? Dr. Miriam Purnell of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore discusses inclusive leadership in practice in this 7-minute episode.

Updates will be made weekly.