New Investigator Award

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Conditions for Accepting the AACP NIA

In order to accept the AACP NIA, the recipient must agree the following conditions:

  1. The recipient will use the funds solely for the purposes that are stipulated in the original research application and are approved by AACP. None of the money awarded by the NIA can be used for any disallowed project costs such as the principal investigator’s salary or indirect costs. Research should begin promptly after the award is received. Unexpended funds must be returned at the end of the award period.
  2. The recipient will electronically submit an interim progress report at the end of six (6) months (by September 2022) and a final report at the end of funding period (no later than May 1, 2023). The final report will include the research findings as well as a financial statement as to how the grant was expended.
  3. The recipient will present his or her final research findings from the NIA project as the primary presenting author at the 2022 AACP Annual Meeting in Grapevine, Texas, July 23–27, 2022. An additional travel award will be disbursed by AACP to defray travel expenses.
  4. The recipient will acknowledge funding support from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy in any publication, poster, or published abstract generated from the NIA project. Electronic copies of those publications, abstracts and posters should be submitted to AACP for record keeping.
  5. AACP must be notified when additional extramural funding is received within this funding period for the same project with overlapping research aims and budget.
  6. All NIA-funded research must be performed following all federal, state, and institutional guidelines established for Responsible Conduct of Research.

No-Cost Extensions

Request for a no-cost extension beyond the project end date must be made by e-mail to at least one month prior to its termination date. Requests will be carefully reviewed and determined on a case-by-case basis. 

Termination of the Award

Circumstances may arise necessitating the termination of the project prior to completion by either the institution or the investigator. This may be arranged at any time by agreement between the individual, the institution, and AACP. Termination will be made with the understanding that all unexpended funds will be returned to AACP, and that any unpaid balance of the award will be cancelled.

Return of Unused Funds

Awarded funds that are not used are to be returned to AACP. If the investigator changes faculty appointment between institutions, transfer of funds needs to take place between the previous institution and the new institution by filling out the NIA transfer of funds form.