Volwiler Research Achievement Award

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The Volwiler Research Achievement Award was established as the research prize in academic pharmacy to honor the late Ernest H. Volwiler, former president and research director of Abbott Laboratories. The intent of the Award is to recognize annually an individual within the ranks of pharmacy education recognized by his or her peers as one of the leading research workers in a given area of the pharmaceutical and clinical sciences, pharmacy practice and the social and administrative sciences, and for outstanding contributions to the respective disciplines. This award consists of a gold medal and a $5,000 prize which are presented to the Award winner.

Any AACP member may submit nominations for this award by completing the online submission form no later than Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. PST, identified with the appropriate award title. Please contact Melinda D. Colón, director of governance programs and meetings, with any questions.

The award winners will be announced by the AACP Board of Directors in spring 2018, and published in AACP E-lert and on the Web site. They will also be honored during the 2018 Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.

2018 Volwiler Research Achievement Award - Eligibility criteria, nomination instructions and selection procedure.

Past Award Recipients