2024 Comittee Volunteer Information

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2024 Call for Committee Volunteers 

Now is your chance to enrich your AACP membership experience and make a significant impact on pharmacy education! Dr. Anandi V. Law, AACP President-elect, is calling for volunteers for the 2024–2025 committee cycle. Volunteering for an AACP committee allows you to share your expertise, connect with fellow members, and work alongside colleagues on programs and initiatives to advance the Association's mission and strategic priorities.

The Presidential theme for the 2023-2025 academic year and Standing Committee charges will be: 

REACH OUT to one and all,
ENGAGE to include and involve,
ELEVATE our Profession 

Committee Availability and Qualifications  

Please review the 2024–2025 Committee Openings and Criteria document for comprehensive descriptions of committees, their charges, desired qualifications/expertise, and volunteer time commitments. Please be aware that committee participation is limited, and possessing specific expertise or experience relevant to fulfilling committee agendas may also be a qualifying factor. Committee appointments will be determined by President-elect Law and AACP staff liaisons based on each committee's specific composition, roles, and charges.

If you're interested in volunteering on an AACP Committee for the 2024–2025 academic year, please submit your request by Friday, April 26, 2024.

Volunteer for a Committee



AACP Committees are organized into the following categories:

  • Standing Committees
  • Special and Advisory Committees
  • Awards Committees
  • Ad hoc Committees and Task Forces

Standing Committees are established in AACP’s Bylaws and are tasked with creating and carrying out action plans directly related to AACP’s strategic priorities and charges of the current President. Special and Advisory Committees contribute to the Association by providing technical expertise or advice in specific areas such as admissions, the Journal, etc. Awards Committees aid in selecting and recommending candidates for the Association’s awards. In addition, Ad hoc Committees and Task Forces may be appointed for very specific tasks and timeframes. 

Each year, the AACP President-elect sets forth goals for the Association and charges for the committees to carry out this work. Committee appointments are made by the AACP President-elect and staff liaisons based on specific composition, roles, and charges.

Questions about each committee's selection process or duties may be directed to Candelaria Moralez, Associate Director of Member Programs and Engagement.