Pharmacy Demand Report (PDR)

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The Pharmacy Workforce Center, a nonprofit corporation comprised of eight national pharmacy professional organizations, financed the Pharmacy Aggregate Demand Index (ADI) and the Pharmacist Demand Indicator (PDI).  The ADI (which began in 1999) and the PDI (which was transitioned from the ADI in 2016) collected and disseminated data on the demand for pharmacists in the United States utilizing a panel of pharmacist employers.  In January 2019, the PDI was temporarily suspended due to inconsistency in the number of panelists participating in the survey, leading to the inability to report results on a state level.

The Pharmacy Demand Report (PDR) was developed by the Pharmacy Workforce Center (PWC) in 2020 to provide a measurement of pharmacist demand in the United States.  This information is intended to be utilized by the pharmacy profession and other stakeholders to assess and follow the trends for various career opportunities for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians on an individual state, region, and metropolitan area level.  The PDR will be available each quarter, beginning September 2020.




Please direct any inquiries regarding the PDR to Tom Maggio, PWC Secretary/Treasurer.

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