Assess and Advance: Assessing Well-being to Address Future Directions

March 02, 2023
1:00 p.m.–2:00 p.m. ET
spring weed

Hosted by the Well-Being and Resiliency Community 

Well-being in pharmacy education is on the radar of professional pharmacy organizations. However, published literature of strategic approaches for effectively assessing well-being to inform future priorities is sparse in pharmacy education literature. Speakers will discuss implementation of various assessment strategies, both quantitative and qualitative, and the use of findings to inform improvements for well-being at four schools. Attendees will have opportunities to apply these examples to build on ideas at their own institutions.


  1. Describe barriers, challenges, and successes involved in the implementation of longitudinal well-being assessments intended to inform future well-being priorities. 
  2. Compare and contrast strategic well-being assessment strategies implemented at four schools of pharmacy.
  3. Identify assessment implementation strategies that support student, faculty, and staff well-being in one’s own learning environment.


Dr. Suzanne C. Harris
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Associate Professor, Director of Well-being and Resilience

Dr. Jackie Zeeman
Assistant Professor and Assistant Director, Office of Organizational Effectiveness and Assessment
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dr. Jolene R. Bostwick
Assistant Dean for Co-Curriculum and Professional Development & Clinical Professor
University of Michigan

Dr. Stacey D. Curtis
Clinical Assistant Professor
University of Florida

Dr. Kelly N. Gable
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

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