Biological Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award Winners

April 30, 2021
11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. EST

Everything is Science Festival and the Comprehensive Reinforcement (CoRe) process for Didactic Courses

Hosted by the Biological Sciences Section

The inaugural winners of the “Biological Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award” will describe their innovative teaching approaches focused on a city-wide science festival and a Comprehensive Reinforcement (CoRe) process for didactic courses. The presentations will be designed to offer tips on how to adopt similar approaches in other locations.


  1. Identify a need for science outreach in their community.
  2. Identify tools needed to implement similar programs.
  3. Describe the components of the CoRe process and their purposes.
  4. Identify ways the CoRe process can be implemented into courses.


Shankar Munusamy, MS (Pharm), PhD
Associate Professor of Pharmacology
Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences


Vincent Venditto, PhD
Assistant Professor
University of Kentucky, College of Pharmacy

Shannon Kinney, PhD
Associate Professor of Pharmacology
Western New England University, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences