Defeat the Disruption of Assessment at a Distance: Too Much Data, Not Enough Time

June 09, 2020
1:00 p.m.–2:00 p.m. EST

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Revolutionize how your pharmacy school makes decisions and initiates data-driven actions to achieve student success. Learn how Enflux’s powerful decision-support platform can consolidate and analyze your siloed data in real time for hassle-free accreditation compliance. Stop spending countless hours mired in spreadsheets, manual assessments, and accreditation documentation. Discover, instead, how insightful dashboards support curriculum delivery, strategic planning, accountable action, and continuous quality improvement, while reducing self-study preparation time.


  1. Identify the difference between data, information, insight, and action as it relates to programmatic assessment.
  2. Compare the time savings of manual data assessment versus automated, consolidated, analyzed, and visually displayed data in real time. 
  3. Name four key attributes of actionable insights that can enhance programmatic assessment.
  4. Explain four ways that visual dashboards, aligned to your strategic plan, can promote simple and effective programmatic assessment and student success.


Alejandra Zertuche, MBA, MS
Founder and CEO

Dr. Annesha White, PharmD, MS, PhD
Associate Dean for Assessment & Accreditation
University of North Texas Health Science Center