New Investigator Award No-Cost Extension Request Form

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Recipients of the New Investigator Award (NIA) are allowed to request additional time beyond the end of a project period to complete the project's scope of work. Please note that the project's approved scope cannot change. There must be a programmatic, project-related need to continue the research alongside sufficient funds remaining to cover the extended effort; this extension may not be exercised merely for the purpose of using an unobligated balance. Additionally, all requests must provide sufficient justification and, if applicable, supporting documentation. Note: Because NIA recipients are required to present their research at the Annual Meeting that follows their project completion date (in this case, the 2024 Pharmacy Education meeting), please note in your no-cost extension request if you will be able to present at the 2024 or the 2025 annual meeting. 
Please fill out the form below by February 15, 2024. Once your no-cost extension request has been approved, you will be issued a revised Notice of Award (NOA) that reflects the changed end date. If you have any questions, please contact

Please note that the maximum that you can request at a time is six months from your initial completion date of February 28, 2024.