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Community Pharmacy Centers of Excellence Program Overview

Application Link

Printable Application - To be used as a reference. All applications must be submitted via Cadmium using the above link. 

Applications are due March 1, 2024.

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The Academia-Community Transformation (ACT) Pharmacy Collaborative will recognize schools and colleges of pharmacy who are committed to advancing community pharmacy practice. Schools and colleges will be invited to submit an application to be recognized as a Center of Excellence or an Emerging Center of Excellence based on four areas of commitment to community pharmacy advancement. These areas include teaching, service, scholarship, and leadership/partnership support. Centers of Excellence will be recognized at the AACP Annual Meeting, and the designation will remain for a total of 5 years once achieved. After this time, schools/colleges will be invited to resubmit to maintain the designation.

Recognition as a Community Pharmacy Center of Excellence opens the door to various benefits and opportunities. In addition to being recognized as achieving this distinction at the AACP Annual Meeting and on the ACT/AACP websites, Centers of Excellence will also be invited to participate in a semi-structured networking and collaboration opportunity with other Centers of Excellence on an annual basis at the AACP Annual Meeting. Additionally, schools/colleges with this distinction will be invited to participate in roundtable events with community pharmacy employers and other stakeholders, united to mobilize and amplify community pharmacy practice transformation efforts. The Centers of Excellence will serve as leaders across colleges/schools of pharmacy, helping to inform and inspire others.


ACPE-accredited schools and colleges of pharmacy. 

Application Instructions

Additional details coming soon.

Key Application Areas

  • Teaching
    • Didactic, Experiential, Post-graduate
  • Service
  • Scholarship
  • Leadership/Partnership Support

Application Review

Eligibility Review

  • AACP staff will confirm that accredited schools completed the entire application, and the application will be moved through a peer review evaluation process.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Reviewers will look for evidence that the school/college is committed to advancing community pharmacy practice through teaching, service, scholarship and leadership support. The strength of evidence provided will determine if the program is designated as a Center of Excellence or an Emerging Center of Excellence. 


Special Thanks

This program would not have been possible without the dedicated workgroup members listed below and the support of the Community Pharmacy Foundation. 

William (Bill) Doucette (Lead), Stefanie Ferreri (Lead), Jenny Bacci, Kim Coley, Bianca Daisy-Bell, Cody Clifton, Chris Daly, Kenneth Hohmeier, Nicholas Leon, Sarah Oprinovich, Sarah Ray, Jessica Robinson, Kate Rotzenberg, Kayce Shealy