Emerging Teaching Scholar Evaluation Criteria

AACP Resource

Excellence in Teaching (25 points possible)

  1. The candidate describes in the narrative, along with appendix, evidence related to excellence in teaching that may include two or more of the following areas:
  2. Positive student-faculty contact,
  3. Effective active learning,
  4. Achievable yet high expectations,
  5. Respects diverse talents and ways of learning,
  6. Effective communication skills,
  7. Commitment to teaching well.
  8. High student achievement or level of learning 
  • Quality of artifacts  (12.5 points)
  • Narrative  (12.5 points)

Scholarly Teaching (30 points possible)

The candidate describes in the narrative statement evidence regarding their growth as an educator and how the scholarly works of others have influenced his/her teaching. The narrative may include a description/evidence of the process, for example:

  1. Observing a teaching-learning problem or opportunity
  2. Selecting and applying an educational intervention
  3. Conducting systematic observation
  4. Documenting observations
  5. Analyzing results
  6. Obtaining peer evaluation:
  • Quality of artifacts (15 points)
  • Narrative (15 points)

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) (35 points possible)

  1. The candidate describes in the narrative commenting on SOTL themes and initiatives over the years, including examples of SOTL with description/evidence of:
  2. Preparing a manuscript or proposal for presentation
  3. Submitting for peer review
  4. Disseminating and adding to existing knowledge base
  • Quality of artifacts demonstrate SOTL (15 points)
  • Narrative supports overall excellence in SOTL (20 points)

Presentation of package: Submission is clearly and concisely written and logically presented. (10 points possible)