Grace and Harold Sewell Memorial Fund

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Grace and Harold Sewell Memorial Fund Stipends

Stipend Program Administered by the AACP Library and Information Sciences Section (LIS)

Librarians who serve colleges of pharmacy are invited to apply for a travel stipend to Pharmacy Education 2022, AACP’s annual meeting. The meeting will be held online and in person July 23–27. The stipends are provided by the Grace and Harold Sewell Memorial Fund.

Past stipend recipients report that they developed closer ties to pharmacy faculty, networked with other pharmacy librarians, and learned about new developments in pharmacy education, as a result of attending the AACP annual meeting. The 2022 stipend recipients’ reports are available below.

“The mission of The Grace and Harold Sewell Memorial Fund is to increase librarians’ identification with medical, pharmaceutical, and health care professionals. Librarians experienced in managing knowledge and teaching informatics can supply quality information by becoming ongoing members of the health care team. Immersion in the health care environment is necessary for librarians to understand how health care professionals solve problems individually and through consensus.”

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  • For librarians who have never attended an AACP Annual Meeting, the stipend will cover the meeting registration fee and AACP membership dues for 2021 (if not already an AACP member and if not eligible for complementary AACP membership). The stipend cannot be used to reimburse previously paid dues.
  • For librarians who have previously attended an AACP Annual Meeting, the stipend may pay up to 100% of the meeting registration fee for AACP members. The amount of the stipend for returning librarians depends on the number of applications received and the available funds.  If funds are available, returning librarian stipends will be no more than meeting registration fees; AACP dues will not be covered for returning librarians.

Due to the virtual AACP meetings, the 2020 and 2021 first-time Sewell stipend recipients received priority for 2022 stipends (after first-time applicants for 2022). For 2023 stipends, the priority ranking has not been determined yet, so check back in Spring 2023 for more details. 

Recipients of the Sewell Stipend must attend all LIS programs/sessions and visit the LIS posters. In addition, recipients must attend at least 3 other sessions including one plenary/general session for all meeting attendees.  Immediately following the meeting, recipients must submit a report (up to 300 words) highlighting their experience at the meeting.

Applications will be available in Spring 2023 for the 2023 AACP Annual Meeting.  Questions should be sent to Sherrill Brown at