Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) Grant Evaluation Criteria

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Example submission narratives:  For examples, refer to the 2023 Grant Recipients on the main page. Click on the grant recipient's name to see their submission narrative.

The following criteria will be used by review committee members in evaluating applications. Please refer to the criteria and the questions below as a guide for the preparation of SOTL Grant applications.

  1. Nature of Project 
    1. Does the applicant present the nature, structure, and scope of the project clearly, concisely and in context of previous work in the field?
  1. Specific Aims 
    1. Does the applicant adequately and clearly describe the intent of the project?
    2. Does the applicant demonstrate a clear understanding of the project?
    3. Are the goals clearly defined and are they appropriate to the purpose of the project?
  1. Significance of the Project
    1. Does the proposed research have the impact of adding newteaching/learning/assessment techniques or methodology?
    2. Is there a stated intent to utilize the results as preliminary data for a more substantial research project in the same or a closely related area?
    3. Is there a stated plan to disseminate (publish, present, utilize) the project’s results?
  1. Methods 
    1. Methods to be used for the study: 
      1. Does the application describe the proposed methods in sufficient detail and clarity?
      2. Are the methods to be employed technically sound and appropriate to the project’s purposes and objectives?
      3. Do the proposed methods represent the most effective way to achieve the results stated in the application?
      4. Are the methods workable within the two-year timeline for the grant?
      5. If needed, is the cooperation of collaborative parties assured?
      6. Is there adequate discussion on the limitations of the methods and on alternative approaches?
    2. Data analysis and interpretation: 
      1. Does the application provide evidence that the Principal Investigator can efficiently determine (evaluate) the outcomes (data) obtained in the study?
      2. Are evaluation indicators clearly stated?
      3. Is the evaluation process designed to properly measure the effective outcomes of the project?
  2. Timeline 
    1. The project is appropriate for the time period.
  3. Contribution to Career 
    1. Is there a clearly stated purpose of the project in terms of its relation to the future research interests of the applicant?
  1. Budget Justification 
    1. Are the requested supply and equipment items supportive of and consistent with the methods outlined in the Research Narrative?
    2. Are salary requests (rate and time) for student and technical trainees justified and consistent with the application timeline