Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) Grant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Must I have the support from my Dean or Department Chair in order to apply for the grant?

Yes, you must review the proposal with your Dean (CEO, or Research, or Academic Dean) or Department Chair and attest to the fact they support the application.

My original budget included salary for a trainee; instead, I did all the work myself. Can I pay myself with this approved budget?

No; the SOTL grant does not allow any type of monetary compensation for the PI. Any request for major budgetary reallocations after the award is funded requires AACP approval.

Can the yearly AACP membership be included in the budget request?

No; all budget items should be directly associated with the specific project aims and research data collection proposed in the application.

Can I request the purchase of a desktop, laptop, printer, or a Smart Phone that I will use for my research?

No; basic computer and electronic devices that are required for your job performance, including those used for research, should be provided by your University.

Can I request funds for the purchase of software?

Yes; SOTL grant funds may be used for the purchase of software that is required for collection or analysis of data.

If my project costs more than I receive from AACP, may I use my faculty funds from my institution to supplement this project?

Yes; you may do so, but you must include that information on your budget plan in the application so that reviewers will not question how you are able to complete the project, if the proposed project aims and budget do not match.

In the CV Highlights there is a section for publications relevant to this application; does this include any publication relevant to the topic or only publications I have produced?

This is the CV highlights of the applicant, so you should only list the publications that you have produced as an author or co-author. If your list is long, then list only those relevant to this application.  Other references that you cite to support your research project should be included in the Research Narrative.

Can I submit my NIH biosketch with my full application?

No; only provide the information requested on the application form. Do not submit an NIH biosketch as part of your full application package.

May I include a survey as an appendix?

Yes; submission of survey tools as appendices are permitted.  However, a copy of detailed survey questionnaires is unnecessary when key information contained in the survey can be described in the Methods section with appropriate references.

I will have 1 to 2 pages of references cited in my proposal, are these references included in page limit of the research narrative?

Yes; references cited must be included in the page limit. Cite only the most relevant references related to your proposed project.

Are preliminary data and/or figures expected?

No; preliminary data are not required. However, it is highly encouraged that you include preliminary data to support your application.  No retrospective studies of educational research will be funded.

How detailed should the methods section be in terms of concentration of materials and drugs to be screened?

Describe your methods in enough detail to show reviewers that you fully understand the procedures that you intend to use.

Should the proposal be presented according to the weight of each section in the evaluation criteria?

Yes; allocate the narrative space and order of your proposal following the evaluation criteria.

Do I need final IRB approval by the application deadline?

No; final IRB approval is not needed by the application deadline.  However, your research protocol must be submitted to your IRB by the application deadline. An electronic copy of your IRB submission cover letter must be included with your application package. An electronic copy of the final IRB approval letter must be received by AACP by June 15 (email to If your proposal is chosen for an award, but the required approval letters have not been received, the proposal will be removed from consideration.

Will applicants receive comments from reviewers at the end?

Yes; comments from reviewers, but not numerical scores, will be sent to applicants after the SOTL grant recipients are announced.

I submitted my application but realized that I made a few errors and my application package was incomplete. Can I submit a revised application?

Yes; you may revise your application package as many times as you wish before the application deadline. After the deadline, no revisions or corrections will be accepted. To submit a revised application, please delete all previously uploaded applications, leaving only your final application in the submission portal. Please be sure to check your uploaded file to ensure its accuracy and completeness. If you have questions, please email

Who is eligible?

AACP members from schools and colleges of pharmacy who are committed to supporting the mission of AACP and the strategic priorities of the organization.

Is there an example of a well-written submission available?

For examples, refer to the 2023 SOTL Grant recipients listed on the main page.  Click on the name of the grant recipient to see their submission narrative.