INtegrate 2024

February 10, 2024
February 12, 2024

Phoenix, Arizona

pheonix, Arizona

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Current and Future Leaders Converge at INtegrate 2024

Join your colleagues February 10-12 in Phoenix for three days of networking, learning and action planning at INtegrate 2024, AACP’s Interim Meeting. Attendees will return to their schools with new ideas and fresh perspectives to help them develop solutions to address their most pressing problems.

Conference Highlights:

  • NEW! Leadership Workshop: Dive into two critical concepts—organizational culture and change management—during this pre-session workshop. Attendees will explore the characteristics of high performing cultures and how to build cultural foundations for all the inevitable changes to come.

  • INtegrate 2024 Meeting Kick-off: Barbara A. Trautlein continues the discussion on change management and underscores the development of a common language to lead change up, down, and across the organization. Her Change Quotient (CQ) System provides a simple yet powerful model, focusing on strengths, encouraging people to value and leverage each other’s unique and diverse contributions, fostering psychologically safe teams and inclusive cultures, and much more.

  • Re-Branding the Profession of Pharmacy: Pharmacy can learn a lot from fellow health professions when it comes to re-branding the profession. Two keynote speakers discuss how they are working to change the perception of nursing—from both a marketing and business approach—and the lessons, takeaways and action steps pharmacy can glean and utilize in their own re-branding challenges.

  • Sessions Examining Critical Issues, such as race-conscious admissions, AI, community pharmacy transformation, well-being centered leadership and more, with programming beginning on Saturday and concluding Monday afternoon.

  • What better way to celebrate Super Bowl LVIII than with hundreds of your closest pharmacy colleagues? Join AACP on Sunday, February 11, for a special event to cheer on your favorite team.

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