Professional Identity Formation

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What is Professional Identity Formation?

Professional identity formation (PIF) is a complex and transformational process of internalizing a profession’s core knowledge, skills, values and beliefs, resulting in an individual “thinking, acting and feeling” like a member of that professional community. The process of forming a professional identity begins even before the first day of professional school and continues throughout an individual's career.

Why should pharmacists care about Professional Identity Formation?

The potential benefits of a strong professional identity for pharmacists are significant:

  • Identity influences how a professional perceives, explains, presents and conducts themselves, shaping motivation and confidence in performing tasks. 
  • Identity helps individuals determine the scope and nature of their preferred work, including setting career goals and choosing employment.
  • Association with a professional community helps buffer against workplace stressors to support mental well-being of the individual and increase job satisfaction.
  • Unified messaging to those outside the profession about who pharmacists are and what they do may lead to new practice roles for pharmacists.

What can I do to support Professional Identity Formation?

Most experts agree that positive role modeling and establishing a welcoming and inclusive training environment are some of the most important steps an educator can take in trying to support PIF for pharmacy learners.

A Brief Summary of AACP’s Commitment to PIF: 


  • Report of the 2019–2020 AACP Student Affairs Standing Committee
  • AACP Policy Statement (Source: Student Affairs Standing Committee 2020) 
    • "AACP encourages colleges and schools of pharmacy to advance education that is aimed at the intentional formation of professional identity (i.e. thinking, feeling and acting like a pharmacist) and developed and implemented in cooperation with professional pharmacy organizations within the broader pharmacy profession."




  • Establishment of the PIF Community forum and resource room for pharmacy educators on AACP Connect (AACP Members only)

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