Leadership in AACP, The Next Generation Leaders, and You

June 01, 2023
1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. ET

How To Be a Leader in Your Discipline and Within AACP

Hosted by the Social and Administrative Sciences Section

“A vibrant and thriving organization needs an energized, committed, and diverse group of people."- The AACP Leadership Development Pipeline Task Force. How can you contribute to a vibrant and thriving organization? What can a path to leadership in AACP look like? Panelists from the SAS community will discuss their path to leadership, and advice on charting your own course to leadership in AACP, opportunities for leadership, and resources for developing leadership skills. 


  1. Describe the unique experiences and paths of current SAS and AACP leaders. 
  2. Explore recommendations used by panel members to engage in leadership. 
  3. Describe available resources to build and strengthen leadership development. 
  4. Discuss opportunities for leadership within the SAS section and AACP.
  5. Identify and commit to one thought/feeling/action item that can be applied in the immediate future. 


Benita Bamgbade
Assistant Professor
Northeastern University


Aleda M. Chen
Associate Dean & Professor
Cedarville University

Anandi Law
Associate Dean & Professor
Western University of Health Sciences

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