AACP Implementation Science Training Series


Applying Implementation Science to Advance Practice and Curricular Transformation

Pharmacy practice and science faculty interested in pursuing research or scholarship projects that advance practice or curricular transformation are encouraged to attend this series of virtual sessions coupled with an in-person workshop. The series will bring together pharmacy faculty and implementation experts to increase individual competencies in implementation science and understanding of necessary institutional capacity for successful implementation. Virtual sessions will be informational and knowledge-based, while the workshop will also include opportunities for participants to work on developing their own research and scholarship projects through discussion with expert facilitators. 

Those interested in developing implementation research projects are encouraged to attend all sessions and commit to completing the pre- and post-session reading and work for each session to get the full benefit of the series. However, each session can also be attended as a stand-alone event.

What is implementation science?

Implementation science is “the scientific study of methods and strategies to promote adoption of evidence-based practices and interventions into real world settings and routine practice, to improve the quality and effectiveness of services.” (2020–21 AACP Research and Graduate Affairs Committee Report) It has been widely applied in health services and educational research to rigorously study the successful adoption of interventions and identify factors that underlie success and sustainability of new practices and practice models.


  • Four 90-minute virtual sessions, beginning in November 2022 and ending in spring 2023
  • An in-person workshop in Orlando, Fla. on February 18, 2023
  • Participants will receive links to existing resources and training materials in implementation science to prepare for virtual sessions and the in-person workshop
  • Workshop participants will also have the opportunity to submit their own research projects for discussion at the workshop

Series Information

The series consists of a series of virtual events anchored by an in-person workshop in Orlando, FL on February 18, 2023

The series launched with a virtual training session on November 3, 2022, "Frameworks, Models and Theories in Pharmacy Implementation Research," which used presentation and case discussions to examine key concepts in implementation science theory in the context of research in pharmacy practice settings. 

The second virtual session, "Measures and Outcomes in Implementation Research in Pharmacy," will be held on January 26, 2023. In this session, an interactive presentation and case discussions will illustrate how to identify and measure implementation and intervention outcomes for implementation research projects relevant to stakeholders in pharmacy education and practice.

These virtual sessions will lay the groundwork for an in-person workshop, “Implement–Implementation Science for Transforming Pharmacy Practice and Education,” held on Saturday, February 18, 2023 as a pre-session to the AACP Interim Meeting in Orlando, Fla. Through presentations and discussions, the workshop will further develop participants' competencies in implementation fundamentals and extend the focus to project-specific planning and methods for implementation research. A key feature of the workshop will be discussions with expert facilitators on case studies and participants own research projects and plans. 

Additional virtual sessions in the spring of 2023 will provide additional training in research methods and data analysis, informed by needs identified at the workshop.

Suggested Attendees

Pharmacy practice or science faculty interested in learning about or applying implementation science to advance their practice or education-based research or scholarship. No prior experience with implementation science is required, but the session will be aimed at those with experience in research, including quality improvement or program evaluation projects. Participants do not need to be AACP members to attend any session.

Each session can be attended as a stand-alone event, but members interested in developing implementation science research projects are strongly encouraged to attend all sessions, which are designed as a cohesive training series, and complete all pre- and post-session work. 


  • $25 registration fee for each virtual session (whether CE credit is sought or not.)
  • $450 registration for the in-person workshop
  • Each registrant for a virtual session will receive a $25 discount count for registration for the in-person workshop; virtual sessions in spring 2023 will be free for workshop attendees

Series Objectives

  • Explain the value of implementation research in pharmacy practice and education

  • Identify opportunities to apply implementation science to participants’ own research and scholarship in pharmacy practice or education 

  • Develop participants’ individual competencies in implementation research in the context of pharmacy practice and education

  • Build an inclusive implementation science community in academic pharmacy that will promote and support collaborative and team-based training, stakeholder engagement, and practice and research projects that increases equity in health care and education