Empathetic leadership: Leading others with a special ingredient

May 07, 2020
11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. EST

Hosted by the Women Faculty SIG. 

There are various leadership styles that can be utilized in different situations. However, the ability to step into the shoes of others aiming to understand their perspective and using that understanding to lead our actions can result in significant, positive outcomes for all. Empathetic leadership can produce a deeper and more sustainable impact on those you lead, your organization and your career. This webinar will discuss the development and use of a special ingredient to lead others. 


  1. Define the three types of empathy as it relates to leading others.
  2. Compare and contrast empathetic leadership styles to other common leadership styles.
  3. Discuss practical strategies that develop one’s skills to demonstrate empathetic leadership.


Sara Trovinger
Assistant Professor and Director of Experiential Education
Manchester University


Seena L. Haines
Chair and Professor of Pharmacy Practice
The University of Mississippi

Lakesha M. Butler
Clinical Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville