Pharmacy Faculty & Student Perspectives on Cultural Competency Training

April 05, 2022
4:00 p.m–5:00 p.m. ET

Hosted by the Health Disparities and Cultural Competence SIG

The overarching purpose of the presentation program is to describe and discuss the perspectives and needs of faculty members on CC and DEI training in the Pharm.D. Curriculum across various Pharmacy schools in the US and Canada. The webinar will focus on the perspectives of faculty members on the extent/depth of Cultural Competence (CC) teaching in the Pharm.D curriculum the domains on the validated questionnaire: Self-assessment of Perceived Level of Cultural Competence (SAPLCC). We will discuss their levels of comfort, competence, and confidence in teaching various aspects of CC/DEI content. The webinar will also discuss the gaps present in CC/DEI training so that schools and colleges can develop strategies to support faculty development/training. In addition, we will discuss ideas to promote students’ awareness of CC/DEI to prepare students for an increasingly culturally diverse patient population in their current/future practice settings.


  1. Describe the current training landscape of topics related to Cultural Competency (CC) and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity (DEI) in schools of pharmacy across the US and Canada.
  2. Discuss perceived levels of competence, comfort, and confidence in teaching various aspects of sensitive content in CC training and DEI.
  3. Explore success stories from different institutions and best practices within Interprofessional settings.
  4. Identify gaps in the teaching of cultural competence and multicultural issues.


Jennifer Santee
Assistant Professor
University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Pharmacy


Elizabeth Unni, PhD, MBA, BPharm
Chair & Associate Professor,
Social, Behavioral and Administrative Sciences
Touro College of Pharmacy

Margarita Echeverri, PhD, MSc
Professor (Tenured)
Educational Coordinator Health Disparities, Diversity and Cultural Competence
Center of Minority Health and Health Disparities Research and Education
Xavier University of Louisiana, College of Pharmacy

Gladys Ekong, PhD, BPharm
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmaceutical & Administrative Sciences
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Western New England University

Akesha Edwards, PhD, PharmD,
Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice
University of Findlay