Pharmacy Education 2024 Submission Information

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Program and Abstract Submissions

This page provides information about the different types of presentations and announcements that members can submit for inclusion in the AACP Annual Meeting. Specific information about various submission types and their associated deadlines can be found below. AACP members will submit school posters, annual meeting programming proposals, research and education poster abstracts through the submission portals in the Cadmium Abstract Scorecard. Reviewers will also access their assignments and complete their reviews through the submission portals.

Annual Meeting Programming 

Special Sessions, Mini-Sessions, Micro-Sessions, Interactive Workshops and Conversation World Cafes

The submission deadline for all sessions is 11:59 p.m. PT on Wednesday, November 15, 2023.

The AACP Annual Meeting Program Committee would like to provide additional guidance to members for consideration when planning and preparing programming submissions for the AACP Annual Meeting. In an effort to further attract a diverse pool of high-quality submissions and ensure a diverse range of presentation topics and perspectives, the program committee has set a limit of three (3) programming submissions per individual.

Please note, this applies to all submissions (special sessions, mini-sessions, micro-sessions, interactive workshops, and conversation world cafes) in which the individual is involved as a speaker, moderator, chair, or submitter. An individual may NOT be included on additional proposals, regardless of their role.

The program committee hopes this will encourage diversity of individuals presenting while maintaining high quality presentations at the AACP Annual Meeting. Additionally, the committee encourages members who regularly submit to work with and/or mentor others who may be new to AACP or have not presented at the Annual Meeting.  

(NEW!) Interactive Workshops (90-minute programs)

(NEW!) Conversation World Cafe (90-minute programs)

Special Sessions (60-minute programs)

Mini Sessions (30-minute programs)

Micro-Sessions (10-minute presentations)

Information about SIG and Section programming process can be accessed HERE.



Admissions Workshop

  • Deadline: January 2024

Roundtable Topics

  • Deadline: April 2024

Annual Meeting Announcements

  • Deadline: June 2024

Annual Meeting Poster Abstracts

Research and Education Poster Abstracts

  • Deadline: March 2024

Trainee Poster Competition Abstracts

  •  Deadline: March 2024

School Poster Abstracts 

  • Deadline: April 2024

NIA Past Recipient Abstracts

  • Deadline: April 2024

AACP Awards, Aspiring Academics Poster and ALFP Cohort 20 Debate Abstracts

  • Deadline: April 2024

Presenter Tools

AJPE Poster Abstract Publication Formatting and Styling Guide

Engaging and Interactive Activities

An Illustrated Guide to Poster Design